DCC Energy powers up Equity Energies to light the way to net zero

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DCC Energy, a subsidiary of FTSE 100-listed DCC plc, has unveiled Equity Energies, a consultancy dedicated to advancing the journey towards net zero.

This initiative forms a crucial part of DCC Energy’s strategy, “Cleaner Energy in Your Power,” which is designed to support commercial and industrial clients across the UK.

Formerly known as eEnergy Management, Equity Energies aims to revolutionise how organisations approach energy strategies amid increasing demands to reduce emissions and accelerate decarbonisation.

This rebranding follows the acquisition of eEnergy Management by DCC Energy through Flogas Britain in February 2024.

The consultancy advocates for the concept of energy equity, ensuring that all organisations receive appropriate guidance, expertise and solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Equity Energies provides a suite of services, including pathway design, execution, benchmarking and reporting, all underpinned by collaborative data and insights.

Equity Energies seeks to tackle several obstacles impeding net zero progress in the UK.

These include navigating the current political climate, overcoming “greenstalling” due to fears of greenwashing accusations and addressing the lack of clear, strategic direction for organisations at different stages of their net zero journey.

Ryan O’Neill, Chief Strategy Officer of Equity Energies commented: “With so much information on offer, it’s no wonder so many organisations have been drowning in advice while struggling to define and decide what to do next.

“Greenstalling has been an unfortunate, if not unexpected, outcome for many.

“Essentially, net zero is not a project, it’s a pathway. Taking the right steps, however small, are what will combine to deliver net zero progress.

“That’s why we firmly believe that every net zero pathway needs to be realistic and not idealistic, to maintain business continuity and avoid disruption, all the while delivering incremental, ongoing positive impacts.”

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