National Grid to offer year-round cash for cutting power use

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The National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) has announced that the Demand Flexibility Service, which incentivises UK households to reduce electricity usage, will now be available year-round.

This move aims to prevent blackouts during peak demand by encouraging families to switch off appliances when notified of a tight energy supply.

The scheme, previously winter-only, has now become permanent, promising significant earnings for participants.

Octopus Energy highlighted the success of its “Saving Sessions” programme, benefiting more than two million customers and freeing up significant energy reserves.

Alex Schoch, Global Director of Flexibility, at Octopus Energy said: “The chance for households to earn hundreds of pounds, simply by reducing their energy use, will be welcome news to families having it tough right now.

“It’s great to see the system operator now recognises the role consumers can play in balancing the grid all year-round.

“Octopus will work to expand the service further so that it can also be unleashed in periods when renewable energy is abundant, putting even more money back in customers’ pockets.

“By leveraging households’ ability to save power we can enhance grid stability and reduce the need to burn more fossil fuels, helping to deliver a greener, cheaper energy future for all.”

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