Octopus pushes for quicker grid connections

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Octopus Energy has stressed the urgency of streamlining the connection process to meet ambitious net zero targets in the UK.

The energy company has released a detailed report advocating for quicker grid connections for green energy projects in the UK.

The report addresses concerns over delays in connecting renewable energy sources to the national grid, despite ongoing efforts by network companies, regulators and the government.

Key recommendations in the report include enhancing collaboration between developers and network operators to optimise infrastructure use and prioritise high-potential areas for renewable energy generation.

Octopus Energy also calls for regulatory reforms to expedite planning approvals and foster competition among network providers.

Additionally, transparency is highlighted as crucial in the connection process.

Octopus Energy proposes an open-source approach to provide developers with necessary data and tools, aiming to accelerate and improve the efficiency of grid connections.

This approach, the company believes, will ensure fair distribution of grid capacity among projects aligned with net zero goals.

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