Slovenia unveils plans for the country’s first floating solar power plant

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In a significant step towards advancing renewable energy, Slovenia unveiled plans for the country’s first floating solar power plant, the Družmirje Floating Solar Power Plant (Družmirje FSPP).

By contributing to a sustainable and competitive energy supply, the project aims to diversify electricity production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is also a pivotal part of the green transition and restructuring of the Savinja-Šalek coal region.

The Družmirje FSPP, with an indicative power of up to 140 megawatt-peaks (MWp) and an estimated annual production of 140 gigawatt-hours (GWh), is expected to cover half of the lake’s surface and supply electricity to approximately 35,000 households. The floating solar power plant will produce no harmful emissions and access to the lake’s shore will remain open. Additionally, the project includes plans to develop the surrounding area for tourism, sports and recreation.

This project aligns with Slovenia’s strategy to phase out coal gradually, ensuring an affordable thermal energy supply for the Šalek Valley. The floating solar power plant is a critical component in the region’s transition from coal dependency.

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