Tesla launches new UK home battery

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Tesla has announced the release of Powerwall 3, the latest version of its home battery, in the UK.

This new model follows the Powerwall 1 and Powerwall 2, with more than 600,000 units installed globally.

Powerwall 3 can power most European homes with a single unit, storing excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night.

In Self-Consumption mode, it allows UK customers to reduce their reliance on the electricity grid by up to 90%, the company said.

The Time-Based Control mode helps users save money by charging the battery when electricity prices are low and using the stored energy during peak hours, potentially saving owners up to £1,450 per year.

The battery also offers backup protection, automatically becoming the home’s energy source during outages.

The Storm Watch feature charges Powerwall 3 to its maximum capacity ahead of severe weather, ensuring continuous power supply.

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