6 industry associations call for stakeholders to update information for their hydrogen projects

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Today, six industry associations – representing gas distribution, transmission, import terminals and storage – have relaunched a call for interested stakeholders to submit new and updated information for their hydrogen infrastructure projects, to be included in the upcoming update of the joint Hydrogen Infrastructure Map.

The European Federation of Local Energy Companies (CEDEC), the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG), Eurogas, Gas Distributors for Sustainability (GD4S), GEODE and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), in cooperation with the European Hydrogen Backbone Initiative, first published this map in December 2022 as a way to visualise hydrogen projects in 2030, 2040 and 2050 and allow for interactive display of the project information.

There are currently approximately 450 projects for hydrogen distribution, transmission, import terminals, storage, demand and production included in the Infrastructure Map. The project information was collected by using a bottom-up approach, with data provided by project promoters. More recently, a new mapping tool has improved map navigation and the user experience by including a search function for project name and project promoter, and a dedicated sidebar for project information.

The Hydrogen Infrastructure Map is updated twice a year. For the next publication of the map, planned for April 2024, it is intended to include the 65 hydrogen and electrolyser projects identified as European Commission Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) and Projects of Mutual Interest (PMIs), the first list under the revised Trans-European Networks for Energy Regulation (TEN-E).

Project promoters are invited to submit new project information or update any that are already included in the map, before 25 March.

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