A new hydrogen production plant to be built in the Port of Liepaja

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In order to create further added value to wind farm energy, Norwegian, Swedish and Latvian companies have established a joint project management team SIA “CIS Liepaja”, to conduct the necessary research and to build a renewable energy complex “Power to X terminal in the Port of Liepaja”, including a hydrogen production plant and the port terminal by 2030. In this regard, the Liepaja SEZ Authority and SIA “CIS Liepaja” have concluded a two-year reservation contract for the potential construction site.

The intended complex of renewable energy resources with the terminal in the Port of Liepaja complies with the European Green Course aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. As CEO of the leading project partner Clean Industrial Solutions, Tor Arne Pedersen, admits, the total planned investment amount for the construction of the hydrogen production plant with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts (MW) and an estimated production volume of 150,000 tons of hydrogen, would reach around one billion euros. He further added that the hydrogen market demand in the near future will be enormous, thus Latvia and Liepaja in particular is now facing a great opportunity to launch the project of the first large hydrogen plant in the European Union.

He added that CO2 emissions leave a heavy impact on the changing climate conditions determining the necessity to focus on innovative solutions in line with the European Green Course initiatives. Moreover, also the energy sector needs to undergo major changes as
sooner or later fossil energy resources will be replaced with renewables, providing a better life for future generations.

The leading partner of the project, Clean Industrial Solutions Holding has set its main operational goal to make investments in innovative and sustainable development solutions, promoting the circular economy principles.

CIS Liepaja is a project whose goal is to promote the provision of CO2-neutral energy for the EU internal market. We are pleased that one of the first modern hydrogen production plants is planned to be built right in the territory of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone, which fits in perfectly with the plans of Fokker Next Gen N.V. company to establish a new generation hydrogen-powered aircraft assembly plant at the Liepaja Airport,” said Uldis Hmieļevskis, CEO of Liepaja SEZ. “And these are not the only projects that we implement together with entrepreneurs to transform port operations and industry in accordance with the European Green Course.”

By implementing the ambitious project, 80-100 new jobs for highly qualified specialists will be provided, promoting the development of innovative technologies and science and research-based training programs. The project will also create new supply chains and increase export opportunities, as well as promote international recognition and increase the competitiveness of the city and the port.

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