Algerian LNG arrives at Krk terminal for the first time

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On 22 May, Algerian liquified natural gas (LNG) arrived at the Krk LNG terminal in Croatia for the first time.

It is the the 92nd LNG carrier to arrive in Krk while Algeria is joining the group of 12 countries from which LNG has been delivered to the terminal so far.

According to LNG Croatia, the operator of the terminal, the above confirms the fact that by constructing and putting into operation the LNG terminal, Croatia has maximised the security of natural gas supply, considering that now, compared to the position of Croatia before the construction of the terminal, it can supply natural gas from all parts of the world.

As reported by the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (GECF), Algeria was the second country exporting natural gas via pipelines to the European Union (EU) in 2023, with a significant increase in its exports of LNG.

Last year, Algeria supplied 19 per cent of the natural gas exported by pipeline to the EU, ranking just behind Norway, which occupies first place in this area, with a market share of 54 per cent, while Russia ranked third, with a share of 17 per cent.

Algeria also played an important role in exporting LNG worldwide: according to GECF, the total number of LNG shipments worldwide reached 6266.56 shipments in 2023. The United States comes first with 123 cargoes, followed by Algeria in second place, with 54 cargoes.

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