Call for public ownership in UK renewable energy

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Ripple Energy has urged politicians to give priority to public ownership initiatives in the run-up to the upcoming election.

Their initiative, known as the People Power Manifesto, seeks to democratise the energy landscape, allowing individuals to invest in wind and solar projects.

The manifesto outlines several key actions for the government.

These include mandating consumer ownership in new renewable energy projects and offering tax relief on energy bill savings from self-owned schemes.

Two additional measures include requiring developers to offer consumer ownership as standard in all new wind farms and solar parks and introducing interest-free loans for low income households to facilitate green energy ownership.

Sarah Merrick, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ripple Energy, said: “Consumer ownership can be huge. The next government needs to scale it up and enable everyone to get involved.

“By embracing people-owned power, we can ensure that the benefits of renewable energy are shared by all, creating a more equal and sustainable future.”

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