Centrica signs solar power deal for aerospace manufacturing site

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Image: Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica has finalised a solar power agreement with aerospace manufacturer Moog Inc.

This agreement aims to support Moog Inc.’s efforts in decarbonising its aerospace manufacturing site located in Wolverhampton.

Under the terms of the agreement, Centrica will lease roof space from Moog Inc. to install a 2,200-panel solar array capable of generating approximately 1MW of power.

The project, financed by Centrica, includes a long term power purchase agreement (PPA) where Moog Inc. will buy the renewable electricity generated on-site.

Construction of the solar array is expected to be completed in the Spring, and once operational, it will provide Moog Inc. with 800MWh of renewable energy annually for the next 25 years, covering around 10% of the site’s electricity requirements.

Dr Jean-Yves Cherruault, Head of Net Zero Pathways at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “The project with Moog Inc. represents the construction of one of our biggest rooftop solar arrays to date as we work to help the business move towards net zero.

“To be able to finance deals like this with no up-front costs is an incredibly attractive package for many businesses. It allows them to become energy-independent, more resilient and ultimately play their part in achieving the UK’s sustainability goals.”

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