Charting the course: LNG’s role in Central Eastern Europe’s energy future. Our e-book is finally out!

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Two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union still aims to end its dependence on Russian fossil fuels by 2027. A goal that cannot be reached without a diversification in LNG supply, with new and reliable sources. The US responded to this need up until now, delivering, in 2023, 46 per cent of Europe’s LNG imports. The so-called Biden pause could alter this course in the long term. How the EU’s objective of energy independence will be impacted remains to be seen. In the meantime, many other actors have started to emerge on the LNG map, from Qatar to South Africa, from China to Nigeria. And CEE countries have a role to play as well, especially after the launch and expansion of the Vertical Corridor initiative.

The second edition of our e-book dedicated to the LNG industry in CEE is finally out!

In this year’s edition, we interviewed experts providing insights from the most active places in the LNG market. We spoke with the CEO of Lithuania’s KN Energies about the Baltic region’s attractiveness for global LNG markets. We also had a look at what role LNG could play after 2050 when Europe should rely mainly on renewable energy sources and new technologies.

Finally, we decided again to build on the synergies between the gas, LNG industry and the upcoming hydrogen sector, so you’ll also find a special focus on hydrogen, with insights coming from regional associations and clusters and an overview of Europe’s competitiveness in terms of innovation.

A special thank goes to Eurogas, which has been our partner for this e-book, providing us with precious insights and an exclusive interview with its Secretary General, James Watson.

Download our latest e-book and find out more about the role of LNG within the Vertical Corridor initiative, how global developments are affecting the regional LNG market, with an eye always on the future and what role LNG will play in the long-term.

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