DESFA’s Innovation Center completes first calls for ideas for energy startups

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δesfa+ Innovation Center, the new initiative of Greece’s natural gas transmission system operator DESFA, to support innovative projects in the energy sector, has completed its first Calls for Ideas.

Two startups, Cognitiv+ and Irida Labs, have been selected to receive support and funding for the next phase of development of their projects, which is the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage.

The first of the two award-winning ideas, coming from Cognitiv+, is an innovative platform that empowers professionals to expedite document processing by up to 70 per cent. Utilising advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology and bespoke machine learning models, Cognitiv+’s platform enables faster information extraction compared to traditional automated document processing methods.

The second proposal came from Irida Labs, a high-tech software company specialising in Embedded Computer Vision. The company has developed the ‘Vision AI Sensor for Smart Buildings’, an innovative sensor that utilises advanced artificial intelligence techniques to convert visual information from indoor and outdoor cameras into valuable metadata.

“New technologies are crucial for expediting the green transition,” stated Maria Rita Galli, CEO of DESFA. “Innovative ideas are necessary to tackle industry challenges and to secure a cleaner energy tomorrow. Through the launch of the δesfa+ Innovation Center, DESFA strategically invests in innovation and explores the potential of modern technologies, bridging the gap to tomorrow’s energy solutions. The successful conclusion of the first round for Calls for Ideas underscores DESFA’s commitment to fostering innovation, bringing on board external perspectives and backing novel business concepts. We welcome Cognitiv+ and Irida Labs to our team and we are looking forward to creating together a sustainable energy future.”

δesfa+ Innovation Center is a new initiative aimed at serving as the focal point for the organization’s engagement with startups, research centres and universities. Its operation facilitates the swift identification of new technological advancements and their seamless integration into the organisation’s processes. Through this initiative, DESFA aims to enhance its infrastructure and overall expertise, fostering a culture of innovation within the organisation and gaining access to external human talent.

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