Energy leaders gather at the 5th Budapest LNG Summit to discuss the future of gas in Central and Eastern Europe

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The highly anticipated 5th Budapest LNG Summit is set to convene on 9 April 2024, at the prestigious Hotel Marriott Budapest, with the participation of energy leaders from more than 25 countries, marking a pivotal moment in the discourse surrounding the future of gas in Central and Eastern Europe. The organisers are thrilled to announce a stellar lineup of speakers who will headline the event.

Building upon the resounding success of its predecessors, this flagship event will gather top-tier industry leaders, experts and policymakers from across the globe to delve into the dynamic landscape of the LNG and gas market.

Under the distinguished patronage of HE Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, the summit will kick off with a thought-provoking address from the Hungarian minister setting the tone for robust discussions and strategic insights.

As the energy landscape continues to evolve amidst unprecedented challenges, the 5th Budapest LNG Summit will serve as a crucial platform for navigating the shifting dynamics of supply and demand. Jefferson Edwards, Vice President of Shell Energy Integration & Fundamentals will present Shell’s LNG Outlook for 2024, a benchmark annual forecast that analyses the trends of the global LNG market.

With a truly international scope, the 5th Budapest LNG Summit will provide a comprehensive overview of the global gas market, featuring expert analyses and forecasts from leading voices such as Gergely Molnár who will represent the International Energy Agency (IEA), an international organisation that provides strategic insights into every aspect of the global energy system. He will share at the Budapest LNG Summit IEA’s invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of the gas industry.

Speakers at the Budapest LNG Summit will delve into pressing questions surrounding the future trajectory of the gas and LNG industry, exploring innovative strategies to ensure resilience and sustainability in the face of uncertainty. Leaders of major industry stakeholders such as Gergely Szabó, Regional Chairman of MET Central Europe, Franck Neel, Member of the Executive Board of OMV Petrom; László Fritsch, CEO of MVM CEEnergy; Ivan Fugaš, Managing Director of LNG Croatia; Kostis Sifnaios, VP & Managing Director of Gastrade will shed light on the role of gas and LNG in energy security, flexibility and competitiveness and also the major trends of the regional gas and LNG market.


Distinguished speakers will illuminate key developments shaping the regional gas market, including transformative infrastructure projects. At the Budapest LNG Summit participants of the crucial Vertical Corridor project, Teodora Georgieva, Executive Officer and Board Member of ICGB, Ion Sterian, CEO of Transgaz, Dmytro Lyppa, CEO of Gas TSO Ukraine, Szabolcs I. Ferencz, CEO of FGSZ Hungarian Gas TSO will elaborate on the status of the initiative, its contributions to energy security and the special position of Central and South Eastern Europe in the new supply landscape. The audience will also gain unique insights into the role of gas storage and its implications for energy security from György Berze, CEO of HEXUM.

The agenda will also feature discussions on the challenges posed by EU regulations aimed at reducing methane emissions, the role of LNG as a bridging fuel in the transition to cleaner transportation and innovative technologies and practices for reducing carbon intensity throughout the LNG value chain.

With a diverse array of topics and perspectives, the attendees of the 5th Budapest LNG Summit can expect a full-day program packed with engaging discussions, strategic collaborations and unparalleled networking opportunities. Whether exploring emerging trends, forging new partnerships, or gaining actionable insights, the summit offers a dynamic platform for driving forward the energy agenda in Central and Eastern Europe.

For further information and registration details, please visit the conference website.

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