England’s reservoirs reach 95% capacity

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The North Sea Link interconnector runs from Blyth in Northumberland to the Norwegian fjords, connecting the UK to Norway’s largest reservoir and hydrodam system. Image: National Grid

The National Drought Group, comprising government entities, water utilities and environmental specialists, convened to address future drought management strategies amid climate fluctuations.

Despite apprehensions stemming from England’s historic rainfall, the group affirmed the nation’s robust water resources.

Chaired by the Environment Agency, the meeting underscored the absence of drought conditions and the notable reservoir storage, peaking at 95% capacity by March’s end.

However, this surplus poses challenges for farmers, potentially impacting the upcoming growing season.

Despite this, the likelihood of summer hosepipe bans remains low.

Water Minister Robbie Moore said: “It was promising to hear that water supplies are currently healthy – however, we all have a role to ensure this remains the case.

“We have been clear to water companies that as well as going further and faster to tackle pollution, they need to do more to secure future water supplies.

“This includes reducing leakage by at least 50% by 2050, as well as encouraging efficiency through an increased use of smart water meters.”

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