GAZ-SYSTEM signs contract for gas pipeline connecting Rybnik gas and steam unit

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Polish energy company GAZ-SYSTEM announced on Wednesday (20 March) that it has signed a contract to build a gas pipeline connection to the planned gas and steam unit in Rybnik, along with a measuring station.

Planned gas and steam unit in southern Poland receives building permit

“Poland faces a significant climate challenge – transitioning the economy towards low and zero-emission energy sources. Therefore, the primary need is to change the operations of the energy and industrial heating sectors. The new gas pipelines in the Silesia region, to be built by GAZ-SYSTEM, will supply, among others, the plant in Rybnik, providing fuel that will ensure cleaner air in the region today and could be a stabilising and complementary factor to green energy sources in the future,” said Maciej Bando, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure.

As part of the investment, a high-pressure gas pipeline with a diameter of 500 millimetres  and a length of 4.55 kilometres will be constructed along with a measuring station with a capacity of 160,000 normal metre cubed per hour (nm3/h). The work will be carried out in Rybnik in the districts of Grabownia, Golejów, Ochojec, and Rybnicka Kuźnia. Gascontrol Polska has been selected as the contractor for the construction work.

GAZ-SYSTEM obtains location decision for connecting gas pipeline to Rybnik gas and steam block

“The signed contract reflects GAZ-SYSTEM’s commitment to the energy transformation process in Silesia. Work on connecting the gas and steam unit in Rybnik will commence soon. Providing low-emission fuel for this region will not only bring economic benefits but will also significantly improve air quality,” said Sławomir Hinc, CEO of GAZ-SYSTEM.

The connection pipeline will be linked in Ochojec with the Racibórz – Rybnik gas pipeline, the construction of which has also just begun. Together with the Kędzierzyn-Koźle – Racibórz gas pipeline, they will form an 80-kilometre section of the gas network, ensuring the transmission of natural gas to the gas and steam unit being constructed in Rybnik. It is estimated that its annual gas demand will be 1 billion cubic metres.

The commissioning of all three pipelines is scheduled for the second quarter of 2026, GAZ-SYSTEM noted in a press release.

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