Industry leader warns of risks from “rogue” electricians

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Alistair Grant, the outgoing President of SELECT, Scotland’s largest construction trade body, has issued a stark warning about the increasing presence of rogue tradespeople posing as qualified electricians.

Mr Grant, concluding his two-year tenure next week, highlights growing industry concerns regarding incorrectly installed technology like electric vehicle (EV) charge points and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Alistair Grant emphasised the dangers of inexperienced individuals attempting complex electrical installations, stressing the necessity for professional electricians trained in electrical best practices and safety measures.

Alistair Grant said: “One solar installation which I was called out to recently had direct current cabling running from the roof, directly through a pile of children’s toys in the loft and into a cupboard in the home – the potential for a disastrous fire was obvious to see.

“This is typical of the kind of things we are seeing, and just emphasises why consumers should always use a fully-trained and qualified electrician from a SELECT member company for every electrical job.

“Unfortunately in the current cost of living crisis, consumers are often making decisions purely on cost alone, not realising that they could face a much higher bill later for getting the work put right and made safe.”

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