Jaworzno 910 MW block completes all acceptance tests

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Polish energy company TAURON announced on Wednesday (27 March) that its 910 megawatt (MW) unit in Jaworzno has completed all acceptance tests required by Poland’s grid operator Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE), enabling unrestricted commercial operation of the unit.

The conducted tests stemmed from the granted concession, agreements with Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, and requirements specified in the Transmission Network Operation and Exploitation Instructions, TAURON noted in a press release.

“The conducted tests of island operation or operation for own needs are very demanding testsboth for the operation of the power unit and for the technological systems of the unit. They involve repeated exposure of the installation to high mechanical and thermal loads. Loads in such a short time and with such frequency will most likely never occur againThe block passed each of these tests successfully,” said Michał Orłowski, Vice President for Asset Management and Development of TAURON Polska Energia.

Following the settlement with Rafako, TAURON assumed responsibility for completing the optimisation and tuning works of the 910 MW Block in March 2023. TAURON employees carried out comprehensive tasks including repairs, as well as modernisation and optimisation of the block’s technological systems. A series of measurements and tuning of the control and protection system of the unit were also conducted.

“Completing the demanding testsboth organisationally and formallyin a short time would not be possible without the commitment, flexibility and cooperation of the Transmission System Operator. Each of the planned tests required cooperation between TAURON Wytwarzanie and the test participants and, ultimately, with PSE SA. These activities ran very smoothly and were completed successfully,” said Paweł Micuła, President of the Management Board of TAURON Wytwarzanie.

Within four weeks, various tests were carried out, including an acceptance test confirming that the block operates at full power range – from minimum to maximum technical levels; start-up time trials ensuring that the block can be started at the appropriate time from cold, warm, and hot states; and an acceptance test of the block’s readiness to participate in the defence and restoration of the National Power System, i.e. the ability to operate in “island mode,” supplying a designated part of the power grid during a blackout.

The conducted acceptance tests confirmed the effectiveness of the implemented optimisation and tuning works, as well as the readiness of the block to provide system services and electricity production.

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