Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan agree on energy cable project

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Ministers of Energy of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan signed a Memorandum on Cooperation on the integration of their energy systems. The purpose of the memorandum is to clarify the main conditions for cooperation in implementing the project to connect the energy systems of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the direction of a joint integration.

The parties will implement the most efficient energy trade through technical and economic support, including laying high-voltage cables at the bottom of the Caspian Sea and other countries’ territories, to facilitate the connection of energy systems.

The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Almasadam Satkaliyev, noted that the technical specification for laying a submarine cable to the Caspian Sea has been developed so far.

“In the field of technical specification, a business model will be developed for international transmission lines (financing, tariff regulation and ownership) for the sale of clean energy to European market countries,” he stated.

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