MET Group joins renewable associations in three key business countries

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Integrated European energy company MET Group has become a member of important renewable energy associations in three key business countries, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary via its Green Assets Division.

Switzerland serves as the global headquarters of MET Group and a crucial site for the company’s wind power investments with a 25 per cent stake in wind development company SwissWinds. The Green Assets Division’s teams in Milan, Italy and Budapest, Hungary, support MET’s renewable business activities in Western and Eastern Europe, respectively. In these countries, MET’s focus is on supporting green policies, enhancing systems for an efficient energy transition and engaging in professional platforms to foster these aims.

“Being part of organisations that significantly shape policy-making provides us with a powerful platform to share our expertise and contribute to reaching a sustainable future,” stated Balázs Lehőcz, Executive Chairman of the Green Division. “It enables us to stay at the forefront of the industry, driving innovation and advocating for policies that support the transition towards a greener, more resilient energy system.”

“Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving energy landscape, joining forces with leading renewable energy associations is not just strategic, it is essential,” added Christian Hürlimann, MET Renewables CEO.

The membership in AEE SUISSE, Switzerland’s leading umbrella organisation for renewable energy and energy efficiency, positions MET alongside 40 industry allies and approximately 42,500 companies to shape the economic and energy policy framework at both national and cantonal levels.

In Italy, as proprietors of a solar power development project with nearly 500 megawatt-peaks (MWp capacity), MET values ANIE Rinnovabili’s role in fostering international cooperation.

Finally, as founding members of the Hungarian Renewable Energy Association (MMESZ), established in late 2023, MET supports the association’s efforts to promote sustainable energy solutions. The leadership is committed to advancing Hungary’s renewable energy capacity and supporting the transition to green energy.

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