Minister urges energy suppliers to improve smart meter performance

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Lord Callanan, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, has addressed concerns regarding smart meters, highlighting that while the majority function correctly, some energy suppliers are not ensuring consumers can access the benefits.

In a letter to Ofgem, Lord Callanan expressed disappointment at the high share of smart meters not operating in smart mode, stressing the need for accountability.

Lord Callanan said: “There has been a higher share of smart meters not operating in smart mode over the past 18 months than previously reported.

“Some progress has been made in the second half of 2023, resulting in an end year figure of 11.4%.

“Some suppliers have made good progress and the overall trend is in the right direction. However, the current situation of almost four million meters not operating in smart mode falls short of what I expect to see.

“The government put in place legal requirements for energy suppliers to take all reasonable steps to operate installed meters in smart mode. The scale of some suppliers’ underperformance in optimising their operational metering estate over a period of time shows these steps may not have been taken universally.

“As the responsible minister, I am deeply concerned about this. Consumers must be able to rely on receiving the full benefits of smart meters in their homes and small businesses consistently.”

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