Nearly 38% of small businesses call for green tax system with fines

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Ahead of the general election on 4th July, small businesses across the UK are calling on the incoming government to prioritise sustainable and green initiatives.

Research by Novuna Business Finance highlights the key demands made by these businesses.

Small business owners are advocating for a green tax system, with 38% supporting a scheme that rewards green initiatives and penalises those that ignore them.

Additionally, 37% are calling for reduced business rates for those switching to renewable energy and another 37% stress the need for larger grants to cover the costs of adopting greener energy sources.

Nearly 94% of small business owners have identified specific areas where they need support, particularly financial incentives, rewards for green investments and better funding rates.

They also hope the new government will implement policies to reduce single-use plastic waste, increase recycling, reduce littering (75%) and invest more in renewable energy to ensure the majority of the UK’s electricity is generated from renewables by 2030 (73%).

Furthermore, 72% support substantial investment in the green economy.

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