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Plastic… enemy no 1 for the green lobby. We’ve learned to vilify it, from straws, to bags, to the giant rubbish patch in the Pacific. No one seems to have a good word to say about it these days. Especially as it’s a direct by-product of the oil and gas sector.But stop a minute.

Where would we have been without plastic during the pandemic? How would I be typing this story without the plastic keys of my keyboard? Let me know how you’d get by without it? You can’t. From cars, to phones, to toys, to TVs. Medical equipment to windows. Plastic is vital.

The issue isn’t that all plastic is bad, the issue is a lot of it is very difficult to recycle and often there is no economic case to do so, until now.

This week I spoke to Adela Putinelu from Plastic Energy, a company that has found a way to do both things. They can take things like plastic film or the shiny foil plastic that your crisps come in and turn that back into the base chemicals that make plastic. This then goes back to the manufacturers or the petrochemical sector, negating the need to use fresh sources of oil to make plastics.

So, plastic gets recycled all the way back to its component material and we save on new emissions as there’s no need to dig up more fossil fuels for the feedstock.

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