Poland begins construction of first ‘hydrogen ready’ pipeline

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Poland’s gas distributor Polska Spółka Gazownictwa (PSG) has become the first Polish company to possess a technical assessment certificate for a natural gas transmission network with hydrogen admixtures.

Such a certificate from Poland’s Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute was secured for a newly constructed Jelenia Góra-Piechowice gas pipeline, PSG announced via a press release on Friday (15 March).

In July 2023, PSG, together with the Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute and Polish gas company “GAZ,” initiated a project in the Lower Silesian voivodeship (southwestern Poland) to construct the first gas pipeline in Poland that would obtain a technical assessment certificate confirming its capability to distribute natural gas with hydrogen admixtures.

“Since last year, we have been vocal about being ready to distribute biogas through our networks. However, now we can also say that we have a pipeline through which we can transmit gas with hydrogen admixtures,” said Robert Więckowski, CEO of PSG. “This is a significant step forward, not only enabling us to achieve the goals of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy but also bringing us closer to becoming the leading player in the Polish market, delivering clean hydrogen to customers for heating.”

The Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute confirmed the capability of the Jelenia Góra-Piechowice pipeline to transmit a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen up to 20 per cent by volume, based on the assessment of the products used, construction technology and the quality of the performed work.

“Due to the innovative nature of the project, assessment criteria were developed covering both product requirements for pipeline construction and construction technology. The next step was conducting specialised research and analyses, followed by evaluating the fulfilment of requirements and the quality of technological work performed. I believe that the completed investment is a significant step towards the energy transition,” added Dr Jacek Jaworski, Director of the Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute.

As part of the investment worth over 11 million zlotys (2.5 million euros), a medium-pressure gas pipeline with a length of approximately 7 kilometres was constructed.

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