Poland’s Energa reaches 8.4 GW in installed renewable energy capacity

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Polish energy company Energa, a subsidiary of the ORLEN Group, announced on Thursday (7 March) that the capacity of renewables connected to Energa Operator’s network has exceeded 8.4 gigawatts (GW).

In 2023, Energa connected almost 1 GW of renewable energy capacity, together with over 40,000 micro-installations with a total capacity of almost 400 MW.

At the end of last year, there were also 1,890 large renewable energy installations (with a capacity exceeding 50 kilowatts) with a cumulative capacity of nearly 6.1 GW – including, among others, 679 wind farms with a total capacity of over 4.1 GW, as well as 951 photovoltaic sources with a cumulative capacity of over 1.5 GW.

In addition, a total of nearly 270,000 micro-installations with a total capacity of over 2.3 GW were connected to the Energa Operator network in 2023. The vast majority of them were photovoltaic installations, Energa noted in a press release.

Going forward, Energa Operator plans to invest in distribution infrastructure projects, including high-voltage networks. The company said that it will allocate 3.3 billion zlotys for these investment priorities by 2028.

In 2023, Energa Operator allocated 2.1 billion zlotys (490.2 million euros) for investments related to the maintenance, expansion and modernisation of its distribution network. This year, the company plans to spend over 2.8 billion zlotys (653.7 million euros) in these areas.

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