Poland’s gas sector is fully diversified but more investments are needed, Deputy Minister says

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During the latest EU Energy Council, Poland’s Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Krzysztof Bolesta underlined that Poland has completely stopped importing Russian oil, diesel and gasoline and the Polish gas sector is also fully diversified. At the same time, the country has developed its renewable energy sources, but achieving individual sectoral goals, especially for transport, may prove problematic.

“It wasn’t easy, but RePower EU’s goals have already been largely achieved,” said the Deputy Minister. “However, we still have a lot of work ahead of us in this area.”

Indeed, speaking of the progress of the EU Green Deal, Poland recognised that the 2030 targets are ambitious and “we should focus on achieving them while taking into account the competitiveness of the European economy.”

In this regard, Mr Bolesta pointed out that due to high energy prices, the EU is losing competitiveness. Poland has made great progress in moving away from fossil fuels and developing renewable energy sources, but more investments in specific sectors are still needed.

Speaking more from a regional perspective, Deputy Minister Bolesta, said that a just transition has not yet been fully realised in regions where the fossil industry is dominant. “Its implementation will require stable financing, also in the next multi-annual financial perspective,” he concluded.

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