Regional cooperation in the energy sector is crucial for the Western Balkans, Energy Community Secretariat says

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Artur Lorkowski, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, participated at the Western Balkans Leaders’ Summit, focusing on the crucial role of regional cooperation in the energy sector. He stressed the necessity of transposing and implementing the Electricity Integration Package, advocating for a collective approach over individual national strategies.

“Clean and affordable energy fuels the growth in the WB6 region,” he stated. “By harmonising efforts and pooling resources, phasing the WB6 region into the EU electricity markets minimises transition costs and maximises renewable energy adoption.”

Further detailing the progress on regional energy initiatives, Lorkowski highlighted significant achievements and ongoing challenges. He emphasised the importance of timely action and collaborative effort among the WB6 Contracting Parties to fulfil their obligations and achieve a cohesive energy policy.

“Transposition and effective implementation of the Electricity Integration Package are crucial groundwork, not just a formality,” Mr Lorkowski added. “They pave the way for enhanced cooperation and integration. Each country must seriously align its legislative frameworks to ensure the regional energy market operates seamlessly and efficiently.”

Further, Director Lorkowski emphasised the need for a coordinated approach to carbon pricing and adjustments to the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) to meet the objectives of the EU’s Green Deal.

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