Report for Loch Ness hydropower project begins

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Statkraft has partnered with the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) to analyse the education and skills requirements for a pumped storage hydro project in the Highlands named Loch na Cathrach.

The project aims to capture excess renewable energy, enhancing Britain’s transition away from fossil fuels.

With funding from Statkraft, UHI will assess the workforce needs and potential upskilling opportunities, benefitting the region’s residents, businesses and educational institutions.

The study aims to bridge any skill gaps and is expected to commence in Spring, with a final report due in the Summer.

Iain Robertson, Head of Statkraft Scotland, said: “This report will provide an essential picture of the skills required to build Statkraft’s most significant project in Scotland.”

Alison Wilson, Director of Economic Development and Advancement, from UHI, said: “This funding will help us plan for future education provision, to ensure it continues to be closely aligned with the needs of key sectors and our industry partners across the region.”

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