Romania to modernise district heating in Suceava with EU Modernisation Fund grant

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Romania’s Minister of Energy Sebastian Burduja and the Mayor of Suceava Ion Lungu signed on Friday (16 February) a financing agreement for the modernisation of district heating in Suceava, northern Romania. 

The total investment is valued at over 362 million lei (72.7 million euros), co-financed by a grant of 246.3 million lei (49.8 million euros) from the EU’s Modernisation Fund. 

“We pledged to do everything within the Ministry of Energy to modernise district heating networks, cutting maintenance costs for Romanians and ensuring a continuous and quality public service. This promise has been upheld,” said Minister Burduja. “On 1 February, we kicked off the funding call, and today, after just two weeks, we signed the first funding contract with the city of Suceava. This is because the principle of ‘first-come, first-served’ is in operation, and the administration of Suceava has prepared in advance. We have already received four more funding requests, currently under evaluation.”

The project aims to modernise and renovate the thermal transport and distribution network by reducing losses in thermal energy transport and distribution systems, thereby increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

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