Rowan Energy Combats Greenwashing and Fraudulent Carbon Certificates with Blockchain Technology

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Amid this green revolution, the prevalence of greenwashing—where companies misleadingly advertise their products or practices as environmentally friendly—poses a significant threat to genuine sustainability efforts. 

Rowan Energy’s groundbreaking approach to combating greenwashing utilises blockchain technology not just for tracking and verifying energy production, but also through the innovative use of NFT certificates for carbon offset certificates. This strategy emphasises the company’s commitment to authentic sustainability practices and offers a robust method to ensure the credibility of green energy production.

Enhanced Transparency, Security, And Efficiency

Tokenisation is a process that converts rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. For Rowan Energy, this means each REC and ROC is represented as a digital token that can be traded or tracked on a blockchain platform. This digital representation ensures that each certificate’s journey from issuance to retirement is transparent and fully auditable by all parties involved. Such transparency is critical in eliminating fraud and increasing trust among stakeholders, as every transaction is recorded in a tamper-proof ledger.

Traditionally, trading RECs and ROCs involved complex and paper-heavy processes that could be prone to errors and delays. Tokenisation simplifies these transactions by allowing them to occur on a digital platform where transfers are immediate and require less administrative overhead. This efficiency not only reduces costs associated with trading and managing certificates but also makes the market more accessible to a broader range of participants.

Opening New Investment Avenues

The tokenisation of RECs and ROCs opens up new investment opportunities in the green energy sector. Investors can now engage in the trading of these tokens much like any other digital asset, potentially on a global scale. This accessibility can attract a new class of investors who are looking for eco-friendly investment opportunities but may have been deterred by the complexities or entry barriers of traditional markets.

Market Integrity and Efficiency

With blockchain, the integrity of each REC or ROC is maintained, ensuring that certificates cannot be double-counted or fraudulently altered. This integrity is vital for companies looking to prove their compliance with regulatory requirements or their voluntary green initiatives. Moreover, the enhanced liquidity and market efficiency make it easier for businesses to meet their green energy goals by buying and selling certificates as needed, without lengthy delays.

The certificates are also location-specific, meaning that purchasers can know precisely where their carbon offsets are having an impact. The ability to choose and see the specific location of the offset not only adds a layer of transparency but also allows consumers and businesses to support projects that have a direct environmental impact in their communities or regions of interest. This feature is particularly appealing to those who wish to contribute to the development of sustainable projects in specific geographical areas.

Moreover, Rowan Energy provides measurable results on the environmental impact of each carbon offset purchase. This is crucial in showcasing the real-world effects of carbon offsetting efforts. By quantifying the impact, such as the amount of CO2 reduced, these certificates enable consumers and businesses to see the tangible benefits of their investments. This not only aids in reporting for corporate sustainability goals but also helps in building a narrative around the importance of active participation in combating climate change.

By combining these features—verifiability, location-specific contributions, and measurable results—Rowan Energy’s carbon offset certificates offer a reliable and impactful means of contributing to global sustainability efforts. These elements ensure that all stakeholders can feel confident and informed about the positive environmental impacts of their investments.


Rowan Energy’s tokenisation of RECs and ROCs represents a transformative approach to managing these essential tools in the green energy sector. By leveraging blockchain technology, Rowan not only increases the security and transparency of these certificates but also enhances market efficiency and opens up new avenues for investment. 

As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and the transition to renewable energy, the role of technology in ensuring the integrity of green initiatives has never been more critical. Rowan Energy’s blockchain solution offers a promising pathway to a transparent, reliable, and decentralised energy future, where green certifications hold true value, and greenwashing is a relic of the past. 

About Rowan Energy

Rowan Energy is a pioneer in the field of Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), redefining energy production and distribution. At the helm of innovation, Rowan Energy harnesses the power of blockchain technology to authenticate energy generation, utilising a novel “proof of generation” protocol that ensures renewable energy production is intrinsically linked to validating network transactions.

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