Senior US government official urges Ukraine to utilise its bioenergy potential

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Ukraine needs to use the significant potential of biogas to increase the flexibility and stability of its energy system, emphasised Jeffrey Payette, US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources, during the First Ukrainian Forum on Biomethane in Kyiv on Monday (22 April).

“Modernisation of the energy system will also make Ukraine less vulnerable to future Russian attacks. A significant part of Ukrainian agricultural waste can be converted into biomethane for electricity production at smaller power plants located closer to the urban population and consumers. This will reduce losses during electricity transportation, increase the flexibility of the energy system and allow Ukraine to better use variable renewable resources such as wind and sun,” said Assistant Secretary Payette.

The US Assistant Secretary noted Odesa as an example of a city where a biomethane power plant can improve the city’s energy security. He also added that it would stimulate the economic growth of ports and important industrial bases.

“Business, of course, will play a huge role in the implementation of full-cycle biomethane electricity generation projects. We continue to work with our Ukrainian partners to promote reforms and liberalise the energy market, which will help attract foreign investors. I would also like to note Naftogaz’s success in implementing the corporate governance reform at the Group’s enterprises,” said Geoffrey Payette.

Mr Payette also emphasised that the United States strongly supports Ukraine, including its focus on biomethane electricity production.

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