Serbia to focus on hydrogen market launch, government advisor says

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Serbia’s Mining and Energy Ministry is preparing a new “Energy Development Strategy” and the “Integrated Energy and Climate Plan,” in which hydrogen will be included in both documents for the first time, Rade Mrdak, an advisor to Serbia’s Mining and Energy Ministry for Renewable Energy Sources, said on Wednesday (13 March).

“The Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources has already envisaged the basis for introducing the first incentives for the use of renewable hydrogen, and we believe that soon we will come up with the first proposal for regulations on incentives for hydrogen. These are small but significant steps that should create conditions for more intensive development of the hydrogen sector in Serbia,” said Mr Mrdak.

“Our focus in the coming period will be to design an incentive system and launch the hydrogen market in Serbia, but also to consider the possibility of establishing regional cooperation in this area,” Mr Mrdak emphasised.

Mr Mrdak noted that the Serbian government concluded a memorandum of understanding with Chinese energy company Fengling to develop a hydrogen plant from solar and wind power plants with a capacity of up to 30,000 tons of hydrogen per year.

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