Serbia’s district heating network rehabilitation programme continues following contract signing

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Serbia’s Ministry of Mining and Energy announced on Wednesday (28 March) that contracts  for the rehabilitation works of district heating systems in Bor, Negotin and Senta have been signed, following a tender procedure.

“As a result of the conducted tender procedures, today six performance contracts have been signed, creating conditions for the rehabilitation of the district heating systems in three local self-governments. Equipment with an average age of over 40 years will be replaced in Bor, Negotin, and Senta, thus improving the efficiency of the systems, reducing water and thermal energy losses, interventions in the system, and emissions of harmful gases. The works will start after the heating season and will be completed by October in Negotin, and in Bor and Senta during the same period next year,” said Maja Vukadinović, Serbia’s Deputy Minister for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change.

Deputy Minister Vukadinović pointed out that the Serbian state, in cooperation with the German development bank KfW, is investing over nine million euros in the rehabilitation of 16.6 kilometres of district heating network and the replacement of 104 substations in these three local self-governments.

“The German development bank KfW has recognised the needs of the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Mining and Energy for the modernisation of outdated district heating systems in local self-governments in Serbia. Thanks to favourable credit and non-refundable funds from the German government, we are investing 32 million euros in district heating systems in seven cities and municipalities, conditions for the start of works in Bor, Negotin, and Senta have been met today,” said Vukadinović, adding that the project also includes the rehabilitation and modernisation of district heating in Belgrade, Niš, Leskovac, and Jagodina.

Vukadinović reminded that the ministry, in cooperation with German partners, has so far implemented four phases of this programme, with a total value of 130 million euros, thanks to which district heating systems in 22 heating plants in Serbia have been modernised.

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