Siemens Energy expands its portfolio in Hungary

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Siemens Energy’s Budapest plant expanded its portfolio, first with the production of gas turbine combustors in the new multifunctional centre.

Secondly, the company’s dual training programme which, together with the Siemens Energy Training Centre is a good example of fruitful cooperation between industry players and universities. The project has created 25 new jobs at the Budapest site and 430 employees have taken part in training to develop technical and digital competencies for turbine burner head production.

Finally, a 1.5 megawatt (MW) solar farm has been completed under the Factory Rescue Programme.

According to the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency, the three-part investment programme is worth over 60 million euros, with a Government fund of more than 2 million euros and will open a new era for the Hungarian subsidiary and boost its position within Siemens.

The list of investments planned until 2025 is far from over and Siemens Energy is further strengthening its presence in Hungary in power plant construction and manufacturing.

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