Sizewell C secures land deal with EDF Energy

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Sizewell C, the nuclear power station project on the Suffolk coast, has finalised an agreement with EDF Energy for the acquisition of land crucial for its construction.

The deal fulfils a requirement for obtaining necessary licences, pending assessments by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR).

The land will accommodate power station facilities, including two reactor units (EPRs), alongside provisions for wildlife habitats, construction sites and worker accommodation.

Upon completion, the majority of the acquired land will be restored to its natural state, contributing to local biodiversity.

The announcement follows Sizewell C’s entry into the construction phase, with ongoing efforts to secure financing and investment decisions.

Simone Rossi, EDF’s UK Chief Executive Officer, said: “EDF is proud to be part of the nuclear renaissance in the UK. The company has successfully extended the lives of the existing fleet following £7.5 billion of investment.

“We are proud to be building the EPR at Hinkley Point C and supporting the replica project at Sizewell C.”

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