Solar Energy Plus Programme: more than € 110 mln awarded to 11,000 Hungarian households

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Hungarian families can receive up to 75 billion Hungarian forints (approximately 194 million euros) to help them install photo-voltaic (PV) solar panel systems as part of the Solar Energy Plus Programme and a total of more than 45 billion Hungarian forints (approximately 116 million euros) have already been awarded to some 11,000 households via public tender, said the Hungarian Ministry of Energy in a statement on Thursday, 16 May.

The call for applications to encourage the production and storage of green energy has been highly popular. More than 10,000 reference works have been completed in Hungarian households across the country, which has been at the forefront of developing solar energy capacity, production and storage at homes, industrial facilities and green vehicles.

Disseminating energy storage is the most effective tool in popularising weather-dependent renewables. In the Solar Energy Plus Programme, the Hungarian Government offers up to 5 million Hungarian forints (approximately 13,000 euros) for green energy development to every Hungarian family.

Simultaneously acquiring solar PV panels and energy storage equipment considerably increases household energy self-reliance and decreases family utility bills at the same time. Using green energy produced by zero-emission sources for personal and local usage also substantially decreases electric power grid network overload.

The Solar Energy Plus Programme significantly contributes to the strengthening of the energy independence of Hungary and the security of the national electric power supply.

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