Solar2Share Collective invites companies to donate solar systems to communities

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Solar2Share Collective, an inclusive Corporate Social Responsibility initiative jointly undertaken by companies in the renewable energy industry, is inviting other firms to contribute equipment for solar stations in essential institutions such as healthcare and education.

The companies joining Solar2Share Collective from its inception include Menlo Electric, Jinko Solar, Sungrow, Deye, SolaX, and Photonica.

As part of the Solar2Share Collective initiative, there are currently 20 preselected facilities including schools, kindergartens, hospitals and rehabilitation centres that are ready to transition to solar energy in 2024. These facilities are located across various countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, including Poland, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, the UK, Ukraine, Egypt, Lebanon and South Africa. They represent a diverse range of crucial public institutions that are prepared to operate independently using renewable energy sources and are awaiting the necessary equipment to be provided including panels, batteries and storage. Each installation varies in size from 20 to 40 kilowatts (kW).

Each facility will be assigned to a dedicated project group based on participating companies, streamlining the process of high-quality execution.

“Our past projects were made possible through the collaborative efforts of fourteen partners,” said Bartosz Majewski, CEO at Menlo Electric. “They have resulted in reducing annual electricity costs of the beneficiaries by over 50 per cent, allowing for the savings to be used for their statutory goals. Moreover, the reduction of CO2 emissions over a span of 25 years is estimated to reach 12,580 tons. We believe that by joining Solar2Share Collective we can scale the impact of our CSR program and foster greater industry involvement.”, the largest online trading platform for solar components, with over 6,500 registered users from over 30 countries having access to more than 3 gigawatts (GW) of components has also come on board Solar2Share Collective.

“Through Solar2Share Collective, we invite companies from diverse sectors to unite and implement impactful projects for the greater good. We firmly believe this collective effort will bring positive change to community facilities that are currently unable to afford the transition,” said Agata Krawiec-Rokita, CEO at

Also leading manufacturers have joined forces with the Solar2Share Collective initiative, increasing its reach and impact.

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