‘There’s no bigger challenge in the world than tackling climate change’

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The energy sector needs to represent the customers we serve.

This is what bp’s Senior Vice President for Europe & Head of Country, UK, Louise Kingham told us at Energy Institute’s International Energy Week.

Ms Kingman said: ‘We need to have conversations about equity and inclusion in the energy sector.

‘For companies that have not yet imbedded equal representation into their people strategies, they’re missing out.

‘There is a real opportunity for us to bring in all talents, from all walks of life and improve the diversity of the sector and at the same time, harness the best possible talent to get to the best solutions.

‘Climate change is a big challenge and it will require us all.

‘If we all look, sound and think in the same ways, we’re not going to innovate and make the progress as a sector that we need to.

‘And ultimately, placing an importance on diversity and equity makes the best talented people feel like they belong in your organisation.’

Louise Kingham believes it is important to balance the energy requirements of the current population without compromising the planet for future generations.

She said: ‘We have a strategy where we talk about and not or.

‘So the essence of that is, we need to provide the energy that we need today because the world needs that.

‘And we need to be, at the same time, building out the energy for tomorrow, today and tomorrow, in terms of that low-carbon future.

‘So we need to balance that, in order to take everybody with us.’

Watch the interview below.

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