TotalEnergies enhances global employee benefits

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TotalEnergies has introduced the Care Together programme, focused on enhancing social protection measures for its global workforce.

This initiative ensures consistent health coverage and death insurance benefits for all employees, regardless of location.

Additionally, it includes measures such as health check-ups and psychosocial risk prevention.

Family support entails 14 weeks of childcare leave with full pay for the primary parent, along with salary increases for returning parents.

The company also promotes flexible work arrangements and environmental initiatives like Green Fridays.

Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TotalEnergies, expressed confidence in the program’s ability to foster a positive work environment, stating, “Care Together by TotalEnergies is a testament to our desire to make TotalEnergies a great place to live together.

“We are convinced that the well-being of our employees is a key factor in our performance and attractiveness.”

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