TRANSGAZ and regional TSOs launch binding phases to increase capacity at interconnection points

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Romania’s transmission system operator (TSO) TRANSGAZ has launched a series of binding phases for the incremental capacity process at different interconnection points.

First, together with the Hungarian TSO, FGSZ, an incremental capacity auction will start on 1 July 2024 for the interconnection point Csanádpalota (from Romania to Hungary). Its current technical capacity is 3,283,570 kilowatt-hours/hour. During the non-binding Market Demand Assessment (MDA) carried out, capacity demands were received from several market participants, which, aggregated with the booked capacities could reach a maximum of 6,640,375 kWh for the period concerned, thus foreseeably exceeding the current maximum technical capacity.

FGSZ and TRANSGAZ identified three potential capacity levels, requiring different levels of investment each. First, a definition of the most cost-effective way to develop incremental capacity which satisfies the capacity demand level submitted in the non-binding MDA process taking into account the technical feasibility requirements. Second is the maximum level of the incremental capacity development examined by FGSZ and TRANSGAZ in previous years, taking into account the sum of incremental capacity demands submitted in the non-binding MDA process and the long-term capacities booked for the interconnection point for the gas years of 2030/31 and 2031/32. Finally, the sum of the incremental capacity demands submitted in the non-binding MDA process and the capacities booked for the IP for the long term (gas years of 2028/29 and 2029/30).

The second joint notice has been prepared by TRANSGAZ together with its Bulgarian counterpart BULGARTRANSGAZ, announcing the binding phase for the incremental capacity process 2023 at the interconnection point Negru Voda 1/Kardam.

Lastly, a third binding phase has been notified to market participants by TRANSGAZ and the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) for the interconnection point Isaccea 1/Orlovka 1, a project primarily driven by the potential increase of the technical capacity in the direction from Romania to Ukraine.

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