UK energy theft surges 62% since 2021

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Reports of energy theft in the UK have surged by 62% since 2021, according to data from Crimestoppers.

In 2023, the charity received 11,552 reports of energy theft, marking the highest number ever recorded.

Amid ongoing high gas and electricity bills, there’s a notable trend emerging where individuals seek ways to save on their bills, potentially resorting to unlawful methods.

This pattern follows the conclusion of the energy bills support scheme in March 2023 and a recent increase in the price cap in January 2024.

The service Stay Energy Safe, powered by Crimestoppers, urges individuals to report any concerns anonymously to combat this escalating crisis.

Lesley Rudd, chief executive of Electrical Safety First, added: “Tampering with your electricity meter risks death by electrocution or fire. It is also illegal, so you could end up in prison.

“Don’t risk your life or that of your family by stealing energy.”

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