UK funds AI projects for carbon reduction

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The government has pledged support for eight artificial intelligence (AI)-driven projects, designed to tackle carbon dioxide emissions. 

The funding, part of the Artificial Intelligence for Decarbonisation Innovation Programme, focuses on harnessing AI technologies to enhance renewable energy utilisation, improve energy efficiency, and optimise transportation systems.

The awarded projects encompass a diverse range of applications, including enhancing weather forecasting for solar energy production, optimising energy usage in buildings through IoT sensors, and streamlining electric fleet operations.

Additionally, AI technology will be employed to determine optimal land use for renewable energy generation, such as positioning wind turbines more efficiently offshore.

Among the initiatives, is the project undertaken by EDF Energy R&D UK Centre Ltd in London which aims to utilise AI technology to optimise the positioning of wind turbines for offshore wind farms.

With a grant of £23,586, the focus is on determining how to position turbines effectively to reduce the space required for the wind farm while maintaining or even enhancing its energy output.

By analysing wind flow interactions between turbines and assessing optimal positioning relative to each other, the project seeks to maximise efficiency in renewable energy generation.

Minister for Affordability and Skills Amanda Solloway emphasised the importance of pushing the boundaries of AI to address pressing national challenges, highlighting the potential benefits for energy security and job creation.

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