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Flagship Energy’s commitment is to deliver a product suite that customers feel comfortable using and that is aligned to their business needs and procurement strategies.

Robin Preston, Commercial Director at Flagship Energy, explained that Unity enables businesses to seamlessly adapt their energy procurement strategy without encountering the usual challenges, stress, and time limitations associated with negotiating a new energy contract. The complexities of new terms and conditions, legal justifications, and market dynamics often prompt businesses to reconsider their procurement approach when renewing contracts every 12, 24, or 36 months. Unfortunately, this process can be both time consuming and costly, and is sometimes badly executed due to time constraints.”

Many customers have already benefitted from the Flagship baskets over the last few years with the market changing so much. Unity will now enable customers to benefit from an efficiency of the cost of procurement. One contract – seamlessly moving between strategies.

Unity is available today and if you are a TPI interested in working with Flagship Energy or you are an end user looking for this type of contract please contact Flagship Energy at [email protected].

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