US supports Lithuania’s energy independence goals

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Cooperation towards energy independence and decarbonisation of the energy sector, the application of innovative solutions to achieve these goals and assistance to Ukraine in providing urgent assistance to rebuild its energy sector were discussed during a meeting between Lithuania’s Minister of Energy, Dainius Kreivys and the US Assistant Secretary of Energy for International Affairs, Andrew Light.

“This is a special year for us, as we are in the final stages of synchronisation with the European electricity grid, which will allow us to achieve full energy independence,” said Minister Kreivys. “The next step is to update the National Energy Independence Strategy and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a national energy sector capable of self-sufficiency.”

On bilateral cooperation, the US side expressed its readiness to support the further goals of Lithuania and the other Baltic States in achieving energy independence through the project of synchronisation with the continental European grids.

Both sides also welcomed the successful and sustainable bilateral cooperation that has been ongoing for several years.

“We welcome the ongoing bilateral cooperation and are interested in continuing it bilaterally, particularly in the field of scientific solutions and innovation, with a view to the decarbonisation of the energy sector and its protection against cyber and physical threats”, said Andrew Light.

In addition, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is currently developing a data-driven model and a forecasting tool for the transition of the Lithuanian energy sector to 100 per cent green energy consumption in the most cost-effective and socially beneficial way. It will contribute to Lithuania’s goal of energy self-sufficiency and a transition to 100 per cent renewable energy while strengthening the country’s economic sector and improving societal well-being.

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