What’s motivating UK organisations to invest in EV charging?

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Specifically, they wanted to know what’s driving organisations to introduce and expand EV charging facilities across their sites.

Drax asked respondents who said they were likely to install further charging infrastructure in the next five years why they planned to. The top three motivators were need, influence, and benefits. In their report, “Driving change – the state of fleet electrification the UK”, they’ve broken down these responses – and some specific feedback – for a better understanding. Here’s a preview.

The need to future-proof

‘Need’, in this instance, related to organisational views that charging facility implementation was necessary for keeping up with global trends, customer expectations or the actions of competitors. Many respondents saw charging infrastructure introduction as ‘inevitable’ to serve the growing numbers of EVs.

Three in five respondents said they were motived by the general shift towards EVs and the need for their business to keep pace. Almost a third (31%) felt the world’s moving towards EVs.

What are the other motivators?

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