Which three factors determine the EV partner that UK businesses choose?

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Price comes out on top

Unsurprisingly perhaps, ‘price’ is the most important factor for UK business fleet managers and other decision-makers when choosing an EV solutions partner. Over a third – 36% – of respondents to research undertaken by Drax, ranked it as the number one driver.

Price becomes less potent if a partner can demonstrate wider value to the business in both the short and long term. So, as well as being competitive on the upfront costs, potential partners need to demonstrate the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with their solution.

In addition to the initial outlay and running costs of the EVs themselves, TCO is likely to comprise two additional key factors.

Firstly, the organisation’s investment in charging infrastructure and its ongoing maintenance, and secondly the cost of the associated payment systems. Other operational expenses could include the data gathering and analysis that will help evaluate – and maximise – the financial benefits of EV adoption.

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